Cotton Creek Labradoodles - Training


Training is Necessary

At Cotton Creek Labradoodles we believe that training your dog is one of the most important things you can do for your dog and your family.  Everyone loves a dog that has good manners, but most importantly good training can keep your beloved pet safe.   We've all heard tragic stories about dogs that run off so you and your dog need to learn the skills that can prevent accidents.  Training is fun for everyone, especially your dog; they like to be confident in their leader.   You might even want to participate in agility, rally or therapy training as well.  Australian Labradoodles are well suited for all of these activities.

Our recommendations

Comprehensive Pet Therapy    They offer board training as well as group lessons.  We have participated in lessons with teachers Patricia and Karen.   

Laurie Trochek Board Training   They offer board training and we know many Australian Labradoodles who have had successfully completed board training program with Laurie and her family.