Cotton Creek Labradoodles - Testing and Socialization

Critical periods in puppy development  This cannot read enough.  Good thing to print and keep handy

Crate Training    Some great tips to help your puppy adjust to their crate.   Do not use the crate as punishment!  This is place your puppy should feel safe and secure.  

Your Puppy's First Days Home   Some important information on those critical first few days with your new family member.   It is crucial to get everyone on the same page when it comes to training your new puppy.  

Infants, Children and Dogs Excellent information about the young members of your family.

Puppy biting and mouthing  How to help teach your puppy during this stage of their development.

Settle down some tips on how to focus your puppy.   I use the word "watch". 

Reward Based Training    Important information about reward based training.   Make sure to read this one!

Socializing your puppy why later is too late  read about the critical period for puppy socialization

Tips for Socializing Your Puppy.

Victoria Stillwell's Teach Your Puppy to Sit