Our Happy Families

I was introduced to Cotton Creek Labradoodles through a friend.  I was looking for a Doodle for my 16 year old daughter.  My friend said Michele new everything about Doodles. I gave her a call and as I listened to her describe her dogs I realized that was the kind of dog I wanted. We had to have a dog whose size was predictable.  We decided to try to get a puppy from Merida's first litter. What a wonderful experience it was.  Michele held our hand through the whole process. We live in Virginia so she face timed us several times after the puppies were born. I have to admit when I heard we didn't get to select the puppy but it was going to be selected for us I was concerned, I shouldn't have been. We were paired with the puppy we were hoping for and, boy, is she the right fit for us. She is exactly what we were looking for. She is the happiest thing I've ever seen, always up for anything.  She is active when playing but will sit in your lap if that is what you are doing.  She rides to and from school with us and is such a joy to be around.  Everywhere we go she is the center of attention, dog parks, training classes, everyone loved her.  She is everything we could have possibly dreamed of and our experience with Michele was amazing. If the overall was rated out of 10, I would give her a 1000. When my daughter takes her to college, I'm sure I'll get another one! Any person would be lucky to have a Cotton Creek Labradoodle!