Cotton Creek Labradoodles - Adoption Details

When the Litter Arrives

Puppies are whelped in our home and given 100% of our time.  The first few weeks of a newborn puppy's life are critical and we sleep next to the whelping box.   This allows us to provide the care they need to get the healthiest start possible.  You will receive an emailed “Birth Announcement” to let you know the puppies have been born, the size of the litter, the gender and the color of the puppies. You will get a list of procedures and important dates.  You will receive weekly photos and updates by email keeping you informed on their growth and development. We encourage you to ”join” our Cotton Creek Labradoodles Family & Friends Facebook page where we will post photos and videos.  Puppies will live in a clean, loving and developmentally stimulating environment to help them grow.  Puppies move into our "Puppy Pre-K" about 3.5 weeks of age.  In Pre-K they are in a mentally stimulating, safe and fun environment and we emphasize their physical and social development.  Puppies will receive lots socialization with our family, friends and relatives, as well as the other dogs in our home. They will be exposed to the various sights, smells and sounds of a household.   Puppies will be introduced to car rides, crates and litter/potty training.  Most of all, puppies will receive lots of love!


Puppy Selection and Delivery

Puppies will receive a vet exam by 8 weeks, health certificates, microchips and vaccinations. Puppy selection/allocation will begin at 7 weeks of age and in order by families on the waiting list and in conjunction with the trainers assessments.  Your position on the list is based on the date in which non-refundable deposits were received. We will work with a trainer to help match families and puppies for the best possible outcome and this extra service is a benefit to families and puppies alike.   Puppies cannot be picked up sooner than 8 weeks of age and we will inform you of the pick up dates. Puppies must be delivered by 9 weeks of age or sent to training. We cannot keep your puppy past  the age of 9 weeks unless there is an emergency, there will be a boarding charge of $65 per day. Per Federal Regulations effective November 2013: Shipping is available only if the buyer views the puppy at the breeder's home, designated location or has a proxy on their behalf see the puppy prior to adoption.


Your Puppy Will Receive:
Dewormer at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks. Parvo shot at 5 weeks. Vet examination, vaccinations and health certificate at 8 weeks. Microchipped at 8 weeks. Two year health guarantee against genetic diseases, as detailed in our contract. Puppy Package including: notebook with all paperwork, health records, pedigree, training and developmental information; a collar, a toy from the litter with familiar smells,  some new toys and/or chews that our dogs like; a three day supply of the food that your puppy has been eating.  A lifetime of support.  Assistance from us with re-homing your puppy/dog, if your situation changes and you are unable to keep or care for your pet.